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"...faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen" (Heb 11:1)
Errors can be corrected and trends reversed if only OUR faith and determination does not fail us in our earnest quest for the truth.
St John Chrysostom

Enchanting Lustful Lies ... The Skill of Deceit

"The road to Hell is paved with the bones of priests and monks, and the skulls of bishops are the lamp posts that light the path." - St. John Chrysostom (attributed)

St John Chrysostom (349–407), the Archbishop of Constantinople in 397, in his book “On the Priesthood” describes how acquiring and using the skill of deceit can be a virtuous methodology to employ at strategic times in our dealings with groups / individuals who will not otherwise listen to and/or obey directives intended for their physical and/or spiritual wellbeing as well as for the wellbeing of the Church:

“… A timely deception used with the right purpose is such an advantage that a lot of men have been called to account on many occasions for failing to deceive." - St. John Chrysostom

Though that above quote may come as a shock to purists, St Chrysostom goes on to justify and clearly defend his position on this subject of deceit. (Read More)

One such organization that has mastered and used the “skill of deceit” to its maximum advantage is the Most Holy Family Monastery (MHFM); which is the primary focus of this website. It is the belief and position of this website, concerning the St. John Chrysostom’s pronouncement on the use of deceit, that:

"Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. Right is right even if no one is doing it." - St. Augustine

Most Holy Family Monastery

Joseph Natale - Founder of the MHFM (1992)
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Understanding the how and the why associated with the amazing surge into internet prominence made by this counterfeit Order of St Benedict, a New York domestic not-for-profit corporation, a business of religion, called the Most Holy Family Monastery is rather straight forward when considering the chaotic “psycho-social” ramifications associated with the denigrated, abject, state of the Roman Catholic Church caused by the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II: 1962-1965)

Who was Joseph Natale (1933-1995), the founder of the MHFM? Unfortunately, there is “little to no” substantive information found on the internet, including on the monastery’s website, concerning his life and the reasoning behind why he created the Most Holy Family Monastery in the first place. That fact, in itself, should be ample reason to raise suspicion for those venturing onto the MHFM’s website, as one would expect to be able gain access to and be amply provided with viable / pertinent information (at least a page or two) on the historical “life and times” of Brother Joseph and his endeavors associated with establishing his monastery. Nothing is to be found on the website except in a couple of paragraphs on an equal number of web pages. One such page Info on our Benedictine Community states:

The Founder of our Benedictine community:

Brother Joseph Natale O.S.B.

Brother Joseph Natale was trained at St. Vincent’s benedictine Arch-abbey in Latrobe, PA. St. Vincent’s Arch-abbey was the largest Benedictine monastery in the United States. In the 1960’s, Bro. Joseph left with the permission of the then Archabbot Dennis Strittmatter to start his own Benedictine community. Shortly after leaving St. Vincent’s, Bro. Joseph started his Benedictine community in southern New Jersey. Bro. Joseph never allowed the New Mass to be celebrated at his monastery, only allowing the traditional Roman Rite Mass. Bro. Joseph printed, distributed and sold numerous books, pamphlets and audio tapes defending the Catholic faith and educating Catholics about the true teachings of Catholicism. In 1994, the community was given a piece of land in rural New York. Bro. Joseph wrote and stated on many occasions that he would be moving the community to New York. But Bro. Joseph was not able to complete this desire, due to the fact that he died on November 11, 1995. After Bro. Joseph died, Bro. Michael Dimond, O.S.B. was elected superior of the community. Bro. Michael immediately went to work to fulfill Bro. Joseph’s wish to move the community to New York. In late 1997, Most Holy Family Monastery finally finished moving the community and its belongings to New York.

Currently, the monastery’s self-proclaimed, “SuperiorFrederick “Michael” Dimond and his "co-governing" brother (i.e. sibling) Robert “Peter” Dimond, are loath to offer any insight into Joseph’s life. But never mind … with continued perseverance I hope to be able to obtain soon increased information from persons, still around, who collaborated with Joseph during the MHFM’s Berlin, NJ, days back in the early 1990s. Thus far, I have managed to get ahold of a 1992 video made by John Maffei, a personal / close friend and collaborator of Joseph Natale, in which Joseph explains the reasons why he established his monastery and for what purpose. That has provided a “treasure trove” of information.

In short, from the extensive research made thus far, it can be said with confidence that Joseph was but one of a massive number of disgruntled Roman Catholics who became mortified over the “heretical” traditional, dogmatic, doctrinal and liturgical changes adopted by the holy fathers of the Church, the Magisterium, at the Second Vatican Council. He rejected the “new” Vatican II Church and embraced “Traditional Catholicism”, justifying that decision by stating:

"The Church right now is fragmented. We must teach Catholics, traditionalist Catholics we may use that terminology, I’d rather use the word Roman Catholic. We must unite. We must, if we do no unite and come together and working for one goal and that goal is the Holy Mother Church, upon this rock I will build my Church, Peter. We must maintain that structure. We must uphold that structure no matter what the cost may be. We must uphold the structure of the Papacy. And we must try to unite the Church not fragment it."

"Now this might sound strange, to some people that I know, we must maintain ourselves within the framework of that Church. And fight with whatever tools the Church allows us to fight with. I’d like to say as far as our day is concerned, as you just said, the darkness that we are in is not coincidence. It’s diabolical. The seed of Satan has been sowed."

One thing is certain … Joseph never abandoned the traditional aspects of the Roman Catholic Church. He was NOT a Sedevacantist, no matter what impression the Dimond brothers have tried to lead you into believing. Joseph had no desire to impugn his Benedictine monastery by denying the validity and importance of the Holy See but rested adamant that the Church had severely erred in its flagrant abandonment of the traditional liturgy of the Mass and by embracing other modernist ideology at Vatican II; an error which he was seeking to “sound the alarm” over and work to correct. He fully subscribed to and taught similar traditional non-sedevacantist beliefs openly professed by Father Nicholas Gruner (1942–2015), Father John O'Connor (1926-2006) and Father James Wathen (1932-2006), to name three well known traditional Catholic priests of that time, who he invited on several occasions to visit and speak at his Berlin, NJ, monastery in the early 1990s.

Was Frederick "Michael" Dimond always a Sedevacantist?

Absolutely Not! The 1996 video of the Bro Michael Dimond speaking in the capacity of the Superior of the MHFM says it all.

Michael Dimond Against Sedevacantism (1996)
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"One of the errors that is prevalent is Sedevacantism which I want to cover that area."

"Sedevacantism which means a vacant seat or the “Seat of Peter” which a true pope sits upon is vacant. There is no question about it. The Seat of Peter has been vacant in different times of the Church and is always vacant when a new pope is being elected; after a pope has died or in a conclave. The sedevacantist line is that there has been no pope since Pope Pius XII. Manifest heresy automatically or ipso-facto effects an excommunication for anyone in any office. And the Church has the right from God to separate itself from the heretical pope and consequently to apply all of the means that are in and of themselves necessary for such a separation. But in the case of the pope the determination that the person has lost his position has to be made by the Universal Church, most probably through a declaration from a general council or stated by a future pope before Catholics could arrive at such a conclusion."

"You have the example of Saint Peter, for he denied Our Lord three times to the point of cursing and blaspheming but he didn’t lose his position. And by the way Padre Pio told John Paul II, when he was a priest, he said “one day you’ll be pope”. Now he didn’t say that he’d be a good pope … he just said “you’ll be pope one day”, that’s all he said. So that’s even a strong indicator in itself that they (sedevacantists) are definitely wrong."

"Sedevacantists claim simply that there is no pope anywhere in spite of the fact that there hasn’t been anything to keep the real pope from coming out in the open. Most sedevacantist cannot and do not even try to come up with anyone who may be the pope. ???? In a word there is no divine promise that the pope will not be permitted to use his great authority in the most wicked and destructful ways. Such a pope, however, despite all and any manner of unholy action, would not lose his legitimacy, his all-encompassing jurisdiction or the divine prerogative of infallibility. So that should a devout conspirator become the Roman Pontiff he might be reconverted, he might immediately set about repairing the damage that he himself had inflicted upon the Church; without needing to be reelected, reinstalled or reconfirmed in his office. Only his private confession and absolution from censure; which means any penalty he might have incurred would be required."

"The wide spread notion that anyone who incurs ipso-facto excommunication is thereby out of the Church, no longer a member, and therefore loses all ecclesiastical offices, dignities, etcetera … is based on a fundamental misconception. “Once a Catholic always a Catholic” is a valid principle. A valid excommunication does not mean that the Church excludes the person altogether; but the person may not participate in the life of the Church (that is receive any of the Sacraments of the ??? or participate in the liturgical ceremonies or take part in Church functions, etcetera)."

"As regards to any offices their laws are for canonical condemnations only. Loss of an ecclesiastical office occurs immediately upon a declaration of “excommunication” and to be avoided, by the pope himself. Obviously the Supreme Pontiff cannot incur this censure but at the same time no one can justifiably blame even an errant pope for his sins. The failure of any person, even the pope, to keep God’s law or persevere in his own faith does not excuse any other for his failure to do the same. And if they do not convert they will surely perish. And we know this is predicted so the thing is we know this is predicted by ”Our Lady of the Salette” on September the 19th 1846 that Rome would lose its faith and become the Anti-Christ. So the main thing of all these things is to keep the Catholic faith and to uphold what’s always been taught."

So you should agree that the MHFM was not established by Joseph Natale as a sedevacantist organization. Frederick "Michael" Dimond became a lay person within the monastery, swearing to uphold the monastery rules and beliefs, as an anti-sedevacantist traditional Catholic. As Joseph Natale supposedly started his monastery after "speaking with God" ... it would appear that God did not believe in sedevacantism either. So ask yourself, why would Frederick "Michael" Dimond change the MHFM's position after its founder's, Joseph Natale's, death?

The Why behind the MHFM's Radical Shift into Sedevacantism

Frederick “Michael” Dimond did not become Sedevacantist until after Joseph Natale death in 1995. Frederick “betrayed” Joseph, became his Judas, by abandoning / selling out the monastery’s initial religious / pastoral platform of “true” traditionalism for the “ultra-right-winged” position of Sedevacantism for reasons that appear to coincide with the time that Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi came into the picture as a collaborator then initiate at the MHFM.

Richard Ibranyi on the MHFM (Audio - July 21, 2011)
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Richard had been an invited guest speaker at the Berlin, NJ, monastery during the time that Joseph Natale was alive; just like Father Nicholas Gruner, Father John O’Connor and Father James Wathen were invited as guest speakers. One of the major differences, besides the fact that Richard wasn’t an ordained priest, was that he solicited Joseph to become an MHFM initiate. But, for some unkown reason, Joseph did rejected Richard’s request. It wasn’t until after Joseph’s sudden demise, that Frederick, who managed to become the MHFM Superior by some trickery, granted Richard entry (April 4, 1996); feeling that Richard would be an asset. That “honeymoon period” didn’t last for long and on August 19, 1997 Frederick ordered Richard to leave. Joseph was right, Richard should have never been brought into the MHFM as he “sowed the seeds of Satan” into the hearts and minds of the others (sedevacantism), but never mind.

The important thing here is that for one year and five months Richard collaborated closely with Frederick and lived in the monastery’s facilities with the other lay brothers. The monastery was going through “hard times”, with the death of their founder, and in facing a lawsuit filed by Father William Ashley with the help of the New Jersey Catholic Diocese who sought to gain total control over the Berlin, NJ, monastery’s church and kick “Frederick and Co.” out.

During this period there were numerous questionable events that Richard witnessed and personally went through; which he recounts in the YouTube video on the right. Though the Dimond brothers have since branded Richard an apostate and a heretic (depending on what side of the traditionalist Catholic doctrinal fence you’re standing on), I would still seek to encourage you to listen to the video (audio recording) and familiarize yourself with his side of the sordid story describing in detail the lack of integrity that existed within the monastery during that time.

I would propose that if we are to believe anything else from Richard's audio, besides his claim that the MHFM is not and has never been a Benedictine monastery, it would be that Richard managed to convert Frederick's younger brother, Robert "Peter" Dimond, to "Sedevacantism" who then in turn convinced his older brother, "Frederick", to follow suit. Richard goes on to state that he believes that it is actually Robert "Peter" Dimond who is the strongest willed of the two brothers and is the "brains” of the organization; while Frederick is "just a Parrot". Of course, at this time, Richards claims are pure conjecture but worth considering.

The Speech Richard Ibranyi Gave that Led to a Lawsuit and the Unexpected End of the Most Holy Family Monastery in Berlin, New Jersey

The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Speech (1996)

In Richard Ibranyi YouTube video (audio) above he states:

"God killed Brother Joseph (Natale) so I could do the Second Coming of Christ tape; and the long story short of it was that he never wanted me to come back and talk again after my layman speeches. So, because he didn’t let me do that, God struck him dead ..."

The fact of the matter is that Joseph Natale did NOT agree with the contents, the message, the style, the tone of the speech and thus would not permit Richard to give the “Second Coming of Christ” speech to his Berlin, New Jersey, quarterly conference. It was clear that Joseph had his doubts, his suspicions about Richard to the point of rejecting his application to join the ranks of the MHFM as an initiate.

But that was about to change. After Joseph Natale died in November 1995 and Frederick "Michael" Dimond took control over the monastery, Richard was welcomed / accepted into the MHFM on April 4, 1996. That same month Frederick allowed him to give his "Second Coming of Christ" speech at the Berlin, New Jersey, quarterly conference.

The result / the response from that speech were not what was anticipated / expected. It proved to be counter-productive; in fact, it was catastrophic. Shortly after the speech, the Berlin, NJ, congregation complained and petitioned Father William Ashely to lodge a formal complaint and that he file a lawsuit against Frederick and the MHFM; with the emphasis on securing total control / ownership of the Berlin, New Jersey property and force the MHFM out. Joseph Natale’s congregation was in a stake of shock … horrified with Richard’s speech; interpreting it as being anti-Catholic. They now considered the MHFM as a non-Catholic, illegitimate / counterfeit Benedictine monastery, that misrepresented itself and thus had “tricked” them into donating financially to it; which they claimed, in the lawsuit, was paramount to theft.

In short … a civil lawsuit was filed by Father William Ashely, on behalf of his parishioners, supported in full by the “Catholic New Jersey Diocese”, against Frederick and the MHFM. To Frederick’s surprise … Father Ashley won and with that he and his followers packed up and moved to the “Queen of Angels” monastery in Fillmore, NY, where they reside today.

Please note that the Queen of Angles Corporation, that Joseph A. Natale had created along with Paul E. Wedekind, and Joseph J. Vennari, and to whom the Fillmore property belonged, was later legally changed, by Frederick, to the “Most Holy Family Monastery”. Thus the MHFM which exists today is NOT the MHFM that Joseph Natale founded.

The “Second Coming of Jesus Christ” video is close to an hour. You can listen to it and judge for yourself if the post-Joseph Natle congregation over reacted or not.

  • Richard Ibranyi has a website of his own called Saint John the Baptist Website if you wish to further delve into his "sedevacantist" formulated religious beliefs and positions.

  • Richard Ibranyi writes concerning himself: On RJMI

The Sedevacantist Delusion

The Sedevacantist Delusion

Extract taken with the author's permission from:
The Sedevacantist Delusion: Why Vatican II's Clash with Sedevacantism Supports Eastern Orthodoxy
- by John C. Pontrello (August 2015)

Note: The use of "Dimond" in the following text refers to Frederick "Michael" and Robert "Peter" Dimond, the Domond brothers running the MHFM today.

Glitches in the System: Summary (pages 98-100)

Non-Sedevacantists object to Sedevacantism because the Church cannot exist without a pope, or at least it cannot exist for forty years without a pope, as Sedevacantists say.179 My position is in agreement with this objection because Catholic ecclesiology makes the Roman Pontiff indispensable to the Church. The Sedevacantists respond to this objection by contending that the Roman Pontiff is not always necessary to the Church and presenting papal interregnums or routine vacancies of the papacy as evidence.

The Sedevacantist position rests on the fallacious argument that the Roman Catholic Church is presently enduring a papal interregnum that began approximately in 1958. Sedevacantists such as Dimond attempt to manipulate others into accepting that Sedevacantism is essentially the same thing as a papal interregnum by disguising the theory’s real implications, but this attempted connection is a misrepresentation. Sedevacantists are not really proposing that the Church is experiencing a papal interregnum, but they deceptively call it one.

Sedevacantism is essentially a movement within traditional Catholicism that theorizes that the indefectible Catholic Church has defected. Examples of some of the tenets of Sedevacantism that prove this include that the Church’s hierarchical structure has disintegrated; that the Church’s capacity to elect a Roman Pontiff has been incapacitated; and that the Mystical Body of Christ has mutated into the end-times, apostate Church of the Antichrist. None of these things, as well as numerous others addressed in objection one, can be misconstrued as a papal interregnum.

Dimond correctly points out that the Church does not have a teaching that limits how long a papal interregnum can last. It follows that the Sedevacantists must also accept that a papal interregnum could last one thousand or more years. The logical sequence of Sedevacantism is that the Vicar of Christ is accidental to the Catholic Church. This I identified as the second principal heresy of the Sedevacantists.

Roman Catholic Apologists Bryan Cross and Thomas Brown explain why visible hierarchical unity belongs to the essence of the Church and why a visible hierarchy must have a visible head to be essentially one. Cross says that a visible head belongs to the essence of the Mystical Body of Christ because the body must have unity essentially, not merely accidentally.180

The dogmatic teachings of the Church make the Roman Pontiff essential, not accidental. Consequently Dimond attempts to rework the dogmatic teachings of the papacy. The reader was forewarned of Dimond’s error that confounds the First Vatican Council’s teaching that the apostolic primacy is the underlying basis for unity, with the same council’s teaching that the Roman Pontiff must exercise the primacy for the actual realization of unity.

Because Sedevacantism necessarily entails that a defection of the Church occurred, Sedevacantism was only a visible position before the defection but not after. Sedevacantism arrived too late and is now impotent thanks to the leadership of the traditional Catholic movement, which essentially stranded the Catholic faithful in dead-end positions.

The Sedevacantists’ failure to elect a legitimate Roman Pontiff in fifty-seven years confirms that the leadership with traditional Catholicism was never to be trusted and that today’s Sedevacantist movement is untenable. If these were not true, divine providence would have arranged for a valid pope at the time of the revolutionary Second Vatican Council to uphold the deposit of faith and maintain unity of the Church. That God provided no such pope supports one of the premises of this work – that Francis is the true pope. Any future Sedevacantist-initiated pope is automatically disqualified.

The perpetuation of the Church during papal vacancies runs contrary to the principles of organic life, which must die if it loses a vital organ. That the Church continues to exist and function without its visible head and source of unity is an indication that the papacy is not the original foundation of Christ’s Church. The real foundation of the Catholic Church preceded the Roman claims on the papacy.

If the divine prerogatives ascribed to the papacy were true, the Church would collapse without its visible head; popes would appoint their successors; there could never be a break in papal succession; divine authority would never ascend from inferiors who never possessed it; and authoritative papal encyclicals defining the Church of Christ would never confound the Vicar of Christ with the Vicar of Peter.

Father O’Reilly’s theological opinion is contradictory to the teachings of the First Vatican Council. The best explanation is that theologians contradict dogmatic councils when dogmatic councils contradict history.

Finally, while it is contradictory to propose that the Church can be without a Roman Pontiff for thirty-nine or fifty-seven years, in reality the Church could probably exist indefinitely without him. The fact that the Church can function without a pope does not support the Sedevacantist thesis; it weakens the mythological claims on the papacy.


  1. Dimond, The Truth about What Happened to the Catholic Church after Vatican II, p. 308 (Objection 5)

  2. “Christ Founded a Visible Church”

Faith is Liberty Espoused

Lord Acton, in a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887 wrote:

All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Pope Sylvester’s fatal "governing alliance" (i.e. Caesar and Pope) in the 4th century with Constantine radically changed the course of Catholicism which, from then on, flowed directly into the rivers of absolutism. The Church of Christ transformed itself, for lack of a better word, into a "pornocracy"; but even with that transformation, it was then and remains “the Church”.

The robust history of the Catholic Church is full to overflowing with astonishing illustrations of divine good and diabolic evil, of resplendent selflessness as well as repugnant vainglory and , unfortunately, it has accumulated, over two millennia, a long sultry list of sordid actions / crimes perpetuated against the Church (the flock) itself.

The unexpected and unprecedented changes enacted by the Church Fathers at the so-called “pastoral” Second Vatican Council (Vatican II - 11 October 1962 - 8 December 1965) aroused both acclamation and vilification amongst Christ’s (Roman Catholic) flock and as an aftermath ushered in what has become known as the “Traditional Catholic Movement”; a diverse and severely fragmented assembly which has no central organizational governing body. This movement is broken down into four “official” mainstream groups:

  1. Traditionalists in good standing with the Holy See: communities who accept in principle the documents of Vatican II but have received authorization, by the Holy See, to continue using the liturgical books that were in force in the Church in 1962. This authorization is similar to that given at the Council of Trent by Pope Pius V which was promulgated, in the Apostolic Constitution Quo primum on 14 July 1570, an edition of the Roman Missal that was to be in obligatory use throughout the Latin Church except where there was a traditional liturgical rite that could be proved to be of at least two centuries’ antiquity.

    Traditionalist Catholics in good standing with Rome may attend the liturgies of Eastern Catholic Churches, if they are available.

    List of communities authorized by the Holy See to use the Tridentine Mass

  2. Traditionalists whose standing with the Holy See is a matter of discussion: communities who practice their faith outside the official structures of the Church, though they affirm their loyalty to both the Church and the papacy (i.e. Society of Saint Pius X).

  3. Sedevacantists: Sede vacante: Latin - "[with] the seat being vacant". Sedevacantism is the position, held by a minority of traditionalist Catholics, that the alleged present occupant of the Holy See is not truly pope due to their espousal of the heresy of modernism and that, for lack of a valid pope, the See (i.e. the Chair of Peter) has been vacant since the death of Pope Pius XII in 1958. (Read More)

  4. Conclavists: Conclavism is the belief and practice of some who, claiming that Pope Benedict XVI, Pope John Paul II and other recent occupants of the papal see are not true popes, elect someone else and propose him as the true pope to whom the allegiance of Catholics is due. They are often classified as sedevacantists because they reject the official papal succession for the same reasons. (Read More)

But I believe we need to add a fifth group:

  1. Theological Carpetbaggers: These are those individuals who have maliciously conspired, using the “skill of deceit” and “enchanting lustful lies”, to “prey on, not pray for” Christ’s scattered flock. Their goal is self-enrichment / vainglory.

    These “businesses of religion” (not at all consecrated / pastoral ministries) have and are financially profiting from the “chaos” and confusion left in Vatican II’s wake; of which, I firmly believe, today’s Most Holy Family Monastery based out of Fillmore, New York, and “ruled” over for 20+ years by Frederick “Michael” Dimond, is but one.

The question you should be asking yourself now, if you don't know already, is ... in which of those 5 above categories are your convictions found?

Each one of us must decide on our position and take a stand in order to do our part in healing the Church! It is the duty, the responsibility of each one of us to embolden and garnish our faith in Christ and his Church and live our lives so as to avoid the snares set by those ecclesiastic miscreants (from without and within the Church) who seek to entrap us, to turn our hearts away from the true Faith and by such preventing us from obtaining salvation. We must make a conscious and sustained effort to remember the warnings, the words that have been said to guide us:

  • "The Church is your hope, the Church is your salvation, she is your refuge. It is for this that Christ established it, after having paid the price of His Blood, for this that He confided His teaching and the precepts of His law, drawing forth at the same time the treasure of His grace for the sanctification and salvation of men."
    - St. John Chrysostom (349-407)

  • "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree brings forth good fruit; but the corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that brings not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you shall know them."
    - Mat 7:15-20.

  • "For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds."
    - 2 Cor 11:13-15

  • "For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions."
    - 2 Tim 4:3

Studying the Holy Bible, the teachings of the Church, the lives of the Saints, etc. are good for the soul and for strengthening ones faith. Yet, I would like to encourage you to be courageous and couple those religious readings with the writings of reputable historians and theologians in order to avoid the pitfalls associated with the oftentimes “subjective” reasoning of Church apologists who have mastered the “skill of deceit”.

Use the power of your faith, obtained through study, fasting and prayer to free yourself from those who have a proven vested material interest in your believing their “enchanting lustful lies”. Cast away your doubts and uncertainty believing in the promise of Christ:

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you" (Mat 7:7).

Pax Tecum


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