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Disclaimer: Don't Confuse the Issue

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"For, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." (Romans 1:22)


Errors can be corrected and trends reversed if only our faith and determination does not fail us in our earnest quest for the truth.

Disclaimer: Don't Confuse the Issue

Faith & Forgiveness

This specific webpage is intended to clear up the confusion for those of you who have written to me or intend to write to me defending the work of the Most Holy Family Monastery (MHFM) rather than providing me with any substantiated proof that this New York domestic not-for-profit corporation is a legitimate Order of Saint Benedict (OSB) with a qualified and validly elected Abbot/Superior sitting in the chair of ecclesiastical authoritative governance overseeing its daily activities.

If and when any such viable “proof” is obtained I give my word that I will first retract the statements I have made thus far, will repent for any unfounded harm I have caused the innocent and will afterwards remove this website from off the internet.

Let me start by saying that I believe that if you have carefully read and gone through the texts I have presented you will find that I have clearly gone on record as stating that the “message” being promoted and the books, DVDs, etcetera being “sold” over the internet by Frederick and Robert Dimond is not the issue of focus of this website. Holy “traditional” Catholic Church doctrine / dogma and the abominable Vatican II Council “coup d’état” (along with “sedevacantism”) is not being debated or called into question within the webpages found here at the Crossroads at 23rd Street.

This website has instead remained focused on providing proof concerning the fraudulent representation of an “imposter ecclesiastical organization” whose sole underlying purpose is to enrich the “two members” of its governing board of directors at your expense. The product the Dimond brothers and their adepts have cleverly marketed is a mixture of enticing “truths” and “partial-truths” geared towards a target audience of naively unsuspecting “traditional” Catholics (i.e. the scattered flock).

Thus, to be clear, it is NOT the product being sold but the legitimacy of the organization selling the product that I am sounding an “alarm” about.

Epikeia is not a valid defense!

Definition: A liberal interpretation of law in instances not provided by the letter of the law. It presupposes sincerity in wanting to observe the law, and interprets the mind of the lawgiver in supplying his presumed intent to include a situation that is not covered by the law. It favors the liberty of the interpreter without contradicting the express will of the lawgiver.

The ludicrous (for lack of a better word) response that I have received from certain followers of the MHFM concerning why Frederick “Michael” Dimond did NOT have to follow the established traditional Benedictine rule that requires that a candidate seeking to become an Abbot/Superior first, without exception, be a validly ordained Priest … is “Epikeia”, claiming an urgent need in a time of ecclesiastical crisis.

But there was no actual ecclesiastical “urgent need”, no “emergency”, to rush forward and replace Joseph Natale as Superior of the MHFM, after his death in November 1995. The “urgent need” was rather “business-related” as the New York domestic not-for-profit corporation’s “By-Laws” stipulated that a Superior head the “imposter organization” and there was no longer one to be found. Thus the “urgent need” was domestic / secular and not at all religious and as such “Epikeia” cannot be rightfully claimed or applied.

Looking at the situation in that perspective it could well be interpreted that, at the time, Frederick “Michael” Dimond, a brilliant young man of 22, understood and masterfully utilized the “skill of deceit” in organizing a “coup d’état” of sorts to take control of the “business of religion” (i.e. the MHFM) that Joseph Natale had created. It was a pure and simple business strategy and had nothing to do with the rules governing the Holy Order of Saint Benedict. In order to avoid the risk of losing Joseph’s business venture (i.e. as a domestic not-for-profit corporation) someone at the MHFM had to become the Superior and it had to be done “lickety split” (right away). Fred stepped up and successfully imposed himself. He shrewdly took the coveted title, after holding a sham election, of what I was told was no more than 3 persons, and became the MHFM’s Superior and has remained in that position ever since.

How could Fred get away with falsely claiming “Epikeia” as justification for usurping a role requiring the fulfilment of a Holy Sacrament, a Holy Order? Fred has relied on the apathetic unquestioning tolerance of his followers to never require him to provide proof of his claimed authority.

What was the ecclesiastical “urgent need” for Fred to become Superior? There was none! This bold move on his part was far more than a “judgmental call” it was a willful act of rebellion as well as a despicable / deplorable act of fraud.

The audacity of it all! To even attempt to exploit the convenient “escape route” of “Epikeia” in this specific case would first require that after using all available means in this connected society there was NOT one validly ordained Bishop or Priest that was contacted that would consent to taking charge over Joseph’s OSB; that is if the MHFM were actually a legitimate OSB. Nowhere on the MHFM website or through my research have I found any substantiated proof that any such attempt was ever made?

It has been 20+ years since Frederick “Michael” Dimond became Superior of the MHFM but has he managed to do the necessary to obtain the qualifications required that go with his role / title? Absolutely Not! Can anyone explain "Why" without throwing in the old "End-Times" excuse?

One email I received sums this issue up brilliantly:

Fred Dimond didn't follow the rules that are presently in force to become a Benedictine superior. In fact, he failed to fulfill pretty much every single one of them! If someone wants to say that all the rules may be set aside because of the present emergency, then it's impossible to prove him wrong because it's a judgment call. To me, that idea is just not reasonable. … What is the urgent necessity to be a Benedictine monk and a Benedictine monastery, rather than to honestly declare yourself to have taken up a religious life without any connection to a pre-existing real religious community? For the Dimonds, the urgent necessity is that it is essential to building up their credibility and attracting donations, and now that they've committed themselves to it, their whole operation would implode if it became generally known that it was a lie. … It's one thing to cut some slack to Fred on account of the present crisis, it's quite another thing for Fred to brazenly and persistently lie about his and MHFM's history, and to use his "monastery" to defraud …”.

It is out of the immense respect held and reserved for the Holy Order of Saint Benedict that an attempt is being made to denounce this ”imposter Benedictine organization” called the MHFM and request that these persons masquerading as monks cease and desist from claiming to be who and what they are not.

As mentioned at the beginning … the Dimond brothers and their adepts are providing their cyber congregation a message that is indeed worth taking into account. It is also true that their interpreted views on a number of Church related issues have merit and support Church doctrine and dogma; while others remain debatable. But with that said … the Most Holy Family Monastery has nothing at all to do with the publically recognized “Catholic” Order of St Benedict that thousands upon thousands of dedicated monastics are devoting their lives to be a part of and serving mankind this very day.

This website is designed to send a request to the Dimond brothers that their “Enchanting Lustful Lie” be brought to an abrupt and timely end. All that is required is that they recognize the foolishness of continuing to perpetuate an obvious and blatant falsehood and spend the time required to edit that reference out of their website and future editions of their books.

Would their current followers abandon them if they repented for having used dishonest means to get ahead even though their message is based on the “truth”?

It is indeed possible and almost probable that they would lose some of their followers but I highly doubt that they would lose the majority. As I mentioned on the home page:

In his book “On the Priesthood” St John Chrysostom (349–407) wrote to a close friend named Basil concerning his use of deceit on an issue by stating:

“… a well-timed deception, undertaken with an upright intention, has such advantages, that many persons have often had to undergo punishment for abstaining from fraud.”

It is simply time for Frederick “Michael” Dimond to stop being an imposter Superior of an imposter Benedictine Order and stop using the “skill of deceit” to attract his audience. Surely after 15+ years on the internet he must realize that his cyber congregation is made up of people earnestly seeking after the “Truth” not “Partial-Truth”.

Pax Tecum


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