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"For, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." (Romans 1:22)


"When FEAR knocks on your door, send FAITH to answer it."

Most Holy Family Monastery (MHFM)

4425 Schneider Road,
Fillmore, NY 14735
United States of America

phone +1 800 275 1126
e-mail mhfm1.aol.com
website http://www.mostholyfamilymonastery.com

Current Legal Status:

Most Holy Family Monastery is a New York Domestic Not-For-Profit Corporation filed on August 20, 1993 under the business type heading “religious organization”. The company's filing status is listed as “Active” and its File Number is 1751088.

Outside of being legally recognized as a New York Domestic Not-For-Profit corporation, the MHFM alleges, on its website, that its organization is equally a "validly" inacted ecclesiastic (Catholic) “Order of Saint Benedict” (OSB). No substantiated proof of any kind concerning that "religious" claim had to be submitted to the New York State authorities at the time they filed for their domestic not-for-profit corporation status. The State does not have the right to question or decide upon matters associated with religion (First Amendment of the United States Constitution). But it should none-the-less be noted that the MHFM's OSB claim is denied and denounced by the Benedictine Confederation of Congregations in Rome (Italy), the St. Vincent Benedictine Archabbey and the American-Cassinese Congregation in Latrobe, PA (USA). It is the position of these "recognized" Benedictine organizations that the MHFM is NOT a legitimate OSB but rather a "heretical sect" that should be treated as such and shunned / avoided. (This issue is covered later on).


The MHFM is managed using an Autocratic Leadership model. Autocratic leadership, also known as authoritarian leadership, is a leadership style characterized by individual control over all decisions and little input from group members / subordinates. Autocratic leaders typically make choices based on their own ideas and judgments and rarely accept advice from followers. Autocratic leadership involves absolute, authoritarian control over a group.

In the by-laws of the MHFM it is stipulated that the "Superior" is the "Sole Member" of the domestic not-for-profit corporation. There is no board of directors. The "Superior" is the MHFM's Autocratic Leader's title and the person currently holding that position (since 1996) is Frederick "Michael" Dimond.

As there is no mention anywhere in the by-laws indicating that the MHFM is an actual Order of St Benedict, it is not clear as to whether or not the "Sole Member" / "Superior" is someone who has met all the ecclesiastical preconditions / requirements associated with being validly elected as an "Abbot/Superior". In Chapter II (What Kind of Man the Abbot Ought to Be) of the Rules of St Benedict it states that a validly qualified and elected Abbot/Superior is believed "to hold the place of Christ" within the monastery.

Now ask yourself ... in the Catholic Church isn't a man who holds the place of God/Christ someone who has taken the Sacrament of Holy orders thus being consecrated and ordained a Priest? In his sermon Catechism on the Priesthood by St. John Vianney (1786-1859), the patron Saint of all Priests states:

… ”What is a priest? A man who holds the place of God -- a man who is invested with all the powers of God.

It should be noted that in order to be considered as a candidate for the position of Abbot/Superior requires that the person postulating for the position, at minimun, must be a validly ordained priest. On page 55 in the 1910 “Declarations on the Rule of Our Holy Father St. Benedict and Statutes of the American-Cassinese Congregation” / permissu superiorum (by permission of the superiors), also approved by the HOLY SEE.

No one, however, can be elected unless he has made solemn vows, is ordained to the priesthood, and belongs to our congregation.

One should then question how Frederick "Michael" Dimond, having never taking the Sacrament of Holy Orders and becoming a validly ordained priest, can honestly / legitimatly claim to be the "Superior" of the MHFM; holding "the place of Christ" within the monastery? (see The Simple Truth - Superior or Not?)

The Accusation / Dispute / Grievance:

Counterfeit made in imitation of something else with intent to deceive
Imposter one that assumes a false identity or title for the purpose of deception

It is on the point of "Governance" above that this website intends to prove that the MHFM is, in fact:

  • a counterfeit Order of St Benedict (OSB)

  • overseen / governed by an imposter Abbot/Superior.

Note: It is NOT the controversial ecclesiastical message being disseminated nor the related products being sold by the MHFM that is being called into question, at this particular time, but rather the fundamental legitimacy of the organization in claiming itself to be a "valid and forthright" Order of St Benedict (OSB). It is believed that there is a maligned calculated "marketing strategy" being employed / utilized by the MHFM in an attempt to increase their domestic not-for-profit corpotation's credibility and defraud the public.

The purpose of this website is to increase the awareness of the public and to attempt to bring pressure to bear on the MHFM to cease and desist from mischieviously and fraudulently claiming to be a Holy Order of St Benedict. Above all else the intent is to forewarn the unwary and/or unsuspecting visitor to the MHFM website that the Dimond brothers are not who / what they claim to be; and that careful consideration should be taken before financially supporting their "business of religion".

Brief History:

Joseph A. Natale (1933-1995) founded his alleged Benedictine monastic community sometime in the year 1967. It was originally intended “only” for handicapped men but was opened up later to accommodate all those wishing to dedicate their lives in the service of promoting traditional Catholicism (i.e. pre-Vatican II).

It wasn’t until August 20, 1993 (16 years later) that the “Most Holy Family Monastery” (MHFM) took on legitimate / legal status under a guise of a New York Domestic Not-For-Profit business entity called the Queen of Angels Corporation. The original “partners” in that business venture were Joseph A. Natale, Paul E. Wedekind, and Joseph J. Vennari, each residing, at the time, within the monastery’s location at 261 Cross Keys Road, Berlin, New Jersey.

A little more than five years after the death of Joseph Natale in 1995, on February 27, 2001, a Certificate of Amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation was filed, by Frederick “Michael” Dimond, with the New York Secretary of State to legally change the name of the original business entity from the “Queen of Angels Corporation” to the “Most Holy Family Monastery”.

So let's now take a look at the legitiamcy of the claim that the MHFM is an actual / factual Order of St Benedict.

What type of St Benedictine monastic community does the MHFM allege to be?

This question is not openly discussed or clarified on the MHFM website. Yet, we can find the answer if we look at the Holy Rule of St Benedict that defines the 4 types of monastics (monks):

CHAPTER I - Of the Kinds or the Life of Monks

It is well known that there are four kinds of monks. The first kind is that of Cenobites, that is, the monastic, who live under a rule and an Abbot.

The second kind is that of Anchorites, or Hermits, that is, of those who, no longer in the first fervor of their conversion, but taught by long monastic practice and the help of many brethren, have already learned to fight against the devil; and going forth from the rank of their brethren well trained for single combat in the desert, they are able, with the help of God, to cope single-handed without the help of others, against the vices of the flesh and evil thoughts.

But a third and most vile class of monks is that of Sarabaites, who have been tried by no rule under the hand of a master, as gold is tried in the fire (cf Prov 27:21); but, soft as lead, and still keeping faith with the world by their works, they are known to belie God by their tonsure. Living in two's and three's, or even singly, without a shepherd, enclosed, not in the Lord's sheepfold, but in their own, the gratification of their desires is law unto them; because what they choose to do they call holy, but what they dislike they hold to be unlawful.

But the fourth class of monks is that called Landlopers, who keep going their whole life long from one province to another, staying three or four days at a time in different cells as guests. Always roving and never settled, they indulge their passions and the cravings of their appetite, and are in every way worse than the Sarabaites. It is better to pass all these over in silence than to speak of their most wretched life.

Therefore, passing these over, let us go on with the help of God to lay down a rule for that most valiant kind of monks, the Cenobites.

We can conclude that since the MHFM claims to have an Abbot/Superior they must consider themselves to be a St Benedictine Cenobitic Monastary. The question as to whether Frederick "Michael" Dimond is in fact a validly ordained and elected Abbot/Superior is covered in part on this page but in more detail on the following pages "The Dimond Brothers" and "The Simple Truth - Superior or Not?".

Monks or Carpetbaggers?

This legally registered domestic not-for-profit corporation (religious organization) has brilliantly twisted, turned and squeezed the truth, concerning the travesty of Vatican II, and deluted it into attractive / enticing “partial truths” making for an even more enticing profitable "elixir" that the unsuspecting are being prescribed and sold on the internet. Frederick (a.k.a Michael) Dimond, the "self-proclaimed" Superior at the Monastery, and his younger brother Robert (a.k.a. Peter) Dimond have been enriching themselves successfully off the internet sale of this “elixir” for 15+ years now (i.e. MHFM website started in 2001). The term “Cyber Carpetbagger” does not do them justice for they are far more clever than that.

Richard Ibranyi on the MHFM (Audio - July 21, 2011)
Download Audio Transcript  PDF

The Dimonds actually do make some very accurate and articulate accusations against the Apostate Roman Catholic Church (Vatican II). "Fred" and "Bob" were not always sedevacantists but evolved into being so. One thing for certain is that by adopting the "sedevacantist" position it directly assisted them in a number of court cases they were involved in at the time. Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi, a member of the MHFM for 1.5 years before being kicked out, explains that and much more in the YouTube video (audio recording), on the right, that contains some amazing stuff! I highly recommend that you take the time to hear what Richard has to say on the MHFM (i.e. his side of the story).

Note: Richard Joseph Michael Ibranyi since leaving the MHFM has become a self-professed prophet and claims to be one of the two "Witnesses of the Apocalypse" (Revelations 11) who is “filled with the spirit of Elias”. His eccentric postulation is no more far fetched than that of Joseph Natale who equally attested to being a prophet, who talked with God and was instructed to create his alleged OSB. Nor is it more eccentric than Fred's claim to be the "Right Reverend Lord and Father in Christ, Brother Michael Dimond, Superior of this Monastery". It seems that everyone who has been associated with the "business" aspects of the MHFM are a "cut above the rest", above average intelligence, definitely eccentric and all heretics as far as the Roman Catholic Church is concerned. But that doesn't matter to these men as they are vehemently opposed to what they are convinced is an Apostate Roman Catholic Church (Vatican II) anyway.

What of the St Benedictine Claim?

If you look on the MHFM website at the page entitled “Info on our Benedictine Community” you will read:

Note: I made a PDF copy of the webpage in question just in case the page text changes since I wrote this.

The Founder of our Benedictine community:

Brother Joseph Natale O.S.B.

Brother Joseph Natale was trained at St. Vincent’s benedictine Arch-abbey in Latrobe, PA. St. Vincent’s Arch-abbey was the largest Benedictine monastery in the United States. In the 1960’s, Bro. Joseph left with the permission of the then Archabbot Dennis Strittmatter to start his own Benedictine community. Shortly after leaving St. Vincent’s, Bro. Joseph started his Benedictine community in southern New Jersey. Bro. Joseph never allowed the New Mass to be celebrated at his monastery, only allowing the traditional Roman Rite Mass. Bro. Joseph printed, distributed and sold numerous books, pamphlets and audio tapes defending the Catholic faith and educating Catholics about the true teachings of Catholicism. In 1994, the community was given a piece of land in rural New York. Bro. Joseph wrote and stated on many occasions that he would be moving the community to New York. But Bro. Joseph was not able to complete this desire, due to the fact that he died on November 11, 1995. After Bro. Joseph died, Bro. Michael Dimond, O.S.B. was elected superior of the community. Bro. Michael immediately went to work to fulfill Bro. Joseph’s wish to move the community to New York. In late 1997, Most Holy Family Monastery finally finished moving the community and its belongings to New York.

What is stated above is not what Frederick "Michael" Dimond stated in his court affidavite during the infamous "ERIC HOYLE V. FREDERICK DIMOND, ROBERT DIMOND and MOST HOLY FAMILY MONASTERY" lawsuit.

In the PDF referenced above containing the court affidavit you will find Fred’s claim on page 2 point number 3:

“MHFM is an independent Traditional Catholic Benedictine Monastery…”

There is no mention, on the webpage in question, of the MHFM being an independent Tradition Catholic Benedictine Monastery in the opening statement, or anywhere else on the webpage. Thus it is quite easy to believe that a person coming to that page would presume / believe that the MHFM is in fact a “publically recognized” St Benedictine Monastery. As they state that Joseph Natale received his training from the St. Vincent Benedictine Archabbey which is a “publically recognized” St Benedictine Monastery and is also the “American-Cassinese Congregation” ... what else is a person expected or supposed to believe?

Again, looking at the PDF page 3 point number 8:

“that MHFM has always represented itself as a Benedictine monastery of the Traditional Catholic faith and that he knew MHFM was not affiliated with the Vatican II or “publicly recognized Order of St. Benedict”

Once again we can see that “Fred” has blatantly submitted a false statement when considering the webpage in question. Fred goes on to make the claim that “he knew” (i.e. Eric Hoyle) the MHFM was not a “publically recognized Order of St. Benedict”. But, regardless of that, it in no way is proof that anyone else reading the webpage in question would automatically come to that conclusion. Thus it can be argued that the webpage attempts to lure the unsuspecting reader into believing that the MHFM is a “publically recognized” St Benedictine Order.

And it continues … page 3 number 10-11:

10. “Since its beginning, MHFM has always been and held itself out to be a Traditional Catholic Benedictine Monastery”.

11. “Defendants have never represented MHFM to be a Vatican II “Benedictine” monastery, but always as a Traditional Catholic Benedictine Monastery of the Traditional Catholic faith”.

What can I say … the facts speak for themselves ... simply more false statements as the webpage I am referencing refutes “Fred’s” sworn claim.

Richard Ibranyi (ex-MHFM) had this to say about "the Benedictine Thing":

Richard Ibranyi on the MHFM (Audio - July 21, 2011)
"The Benedictine Thing"
Download Full Audio Transcript  PDF

The other thing was the Benedictine thing. That got me. That bothered me … Benedictines. Every time I would say we’re Benedictines, I forgot the reason that I gave, because Brother Joseph or something; I think it was a dumb reason and I knew it. I said … “I can’t keep doing this.”

One time I got so sick of saying this that, I knew I was lying, it just didn’t make sense.

(Michael would say) … “We’re Benedictines because we follow the Rule (Rule of St Benedict)”

What? That doesn’t make him Benedictine.

(Michael would say) … “We’re Benedictines because Brother Joseph said we’re Benedictines.”

Oh, Really … because, we were the “Oblates of Saint Jude” before that. Then he (Brother Joseph Natale) just said “I’m going to be Benedictine.”

I said … “Just because you call yourself Benedictine doesn’t make you Benedictine.” I knew we were lying on all those excuses.

So, one guy calls me up once and I said … “You know what? I don’t know why we’re Benedictines. I don’t even know if we are Benedictines.” I said … “You know, we probably should have just said we started a new religious order, because you’re allowed to do that, and call ourselves something else like “Mary’s Little Remnant” or something. But don’t call ourselves Benedictines. It’s a scandal”. I said … “We’re not Benedictines.”

And he (Michael) even dropped the O.S.B. (Order of St Benedict) for a while and then he picks it up again.

He (Michael) went before Father Wickens (?) to make him a Benedictine, but Father Wickens (?) isn’t a Benedictine.

Then he went to Father Bernard, who said he was like Benedictine, a traditionalist sort-of, to try and do vows before him, to give him legitimacy.

It’s a mess.

Brother Joseph went to Latrobe, Pennsylvania, and he was kicked out for disobedience, and for a good reason too. He wanted to be a priest but he was a cripple. A cripple cannot be a priest.

Brother Joseph was another “piece of work” himself. He started the Oblates of Saint Jude, and then started to call himself a Benedictine Order because he wanted to make himself Benedictine. It’s about as simple as that...

Did Joseph Natale Receive His Training at the St Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, PA, USA?

That is an easy answer. No, he did not receive the training required to become a Benedictine monk at the St Vincent Abbey.

It is a fact that Joseph Natale (the founder of the MHFM) did go into the Archabbey from July 7, 1960 until August 1, 1960. Have a look at page 3 of the PDF obtained from the St Vincent Archabbey in 2012 confirming that Joseph Natale was only at their Archabbey for less than 1 month.

Did Joseph Natale Receive Permission from St Vincent Archabbey to Start His Own Benedictine Order?

Once again ... the answer is simple. No, he didn't receive authorization from Archabbot Strittmatter to start his own Benedictine Order.

Looking again at the PDF obtained from the St Vincent Abbey, mentioned above, on page 4 you will find that Joseph Natale had requested Archabbot Strittmater to support his idea of starting a "congrgation for handicapped men". Archabbot Strittmatter response can be found on page 5 where he does state that he encoraged his efforts. But he also stated that he should "proceed carefully under the guidance of the Monseigneur Tolino of the Annuciation B.V.M. Church in Philadelphia, PS, USA. There was no mention at all of him starting his own Benedictine Order.

I received a copy of some email correspondance from the St Vincent Archabbey concerning their opinion on this:

June 6, 2009

... Thank you for your request regarding Mr. Joseph Natale (a.k.a. "Br. Joseph Natale, O.S.B.") and "Most Holy Family Monastery." Mr. Natale was a novice (candidate for the monastic life, but not a vowed religious) at Saint Vincent Archabbey in 1960. He left the community of his own will. He was neither sent out nor was he given any form of permission by Archabbot Denis Strittmatter, O.S.B., to found any community of Benedictine Monks. We have no records of Mr. Natale other than his brief stay as a brother candidate in our novitiate. We have no records in the Archives of the American-Cassinese Congregation concerning the "Most Holy Family Monastery", its founding or "Br. Joseph Natale, O.S.B."

I hope this helps you! May God bless you!

Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. Brian Boosel, O.S.B.
Saint Vincent Archabbey

CC: Abbot Timothy Kelly, O.S.B., Abbot President.
CC: Archabbot Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B.

January 24, 2008

I am writing to acknowledge your e-mail of January 21, 2008 regarding Mr. Joseph A. Natale. According to our records, Joseph A. Natale came to Saint Vincent as a candidate for the lay brotherhood on July 5, 1960.

He remained here for several months as a postulant but he did not receive vows as a Benedictine monk.

There is a directory for our Congregation which contains the names of those individuals who are duly professed and accepted Catholic Benedictine monks of our Congregation. It is called the ORDO of the American Cassinese Congregation which lists all professed members of the Benedictine Communities. There is also the Catalogus of the Benedictine Federation which lists both monasteries and individual members of Benedictine Communities throughout the world.

In my review of the Catalogus, I have found no reference to the "Holy Family Monastery" in New Jersey which you indicated in your letter.

Secondly, in reviewing the ORDOs of the American Cassinese Congregation for the years 1960 - 1968, I have found no listing for Joseph A. Natale, which would confirm our understanding the he was never professed as a Benedictine member of this Community. I would also note that this group is not listed in The Official Catholic Directory which is another source for approved Catholic organizations.

I hope that his information is of some assistance to you. I will try to find a copy of the 1960's Constitutions of the Congregation regarding the foundation of a monastery. Since they are not Benedictines, I don't believe the Constitutions would apply anyway.

With every good wish, I am
Sincerely yours,

+Douglas R. Nowicki, O.S.B.
Archabbot of Saint Vincent

This should at least clarify the St Vincent Archabbey's position on this.

It implies that Brother Joseph Natale created his own "breakaway" St Benedictine Monastery. Did he have the right to do so? Anyone who professes and vows to follow the rules of St Benedict can create their own Order of Saint Benedict.

To seek further clarification I wrote to The Benedictine Confederation of Congregations in Rome, to then Abbot Primate Notker Wolf OSB, asking him if the MHFM "today" (i.e. with Fred as Superior) was considered / recognized as a legitimate St Benedictine Monastery. He responded to my email on May 9, 2015 as follows:

The so-called Most Holy Family Monastery in Fillmore is clearly not an officially recognized Benedictine monastery, but a heretical sect. Unfortunately we cannot forbid no one to call himself "Benedictine“, even if he is not within the Benedictine Confederation, as long as he claims to follow the Rule of St. Benedict. "Benedictine monastery" or "Ben. Order“ is no legally protected expression. And the Abbot Primate has no jurisdiction over other monasteries. By the way, St. Vincent Archabbey from which Bro. Joseph came is still a very flourishing monastery. By the way there are no "Benedictines of the New Ordo“, we just follow the Rule of St. Benedict as ever.

There are a number of such reactionary groups. Such is human life ... But those people look devout, know everything of the mystery of God, they claim to have got the truth. They judge on everyone as if they were God themselves. The real problem: They are demanding obedience and don’t obey the Church.

United in prayer
sincerely yours,
+Notker OSB

If what has been presented thus far is not enough to place doubt on the veracity of the MHFM's St Benedictine claim ... let's see what Richard Ibranyi had to say to Robert "Peter" Dimond concerning the MHFM's claim to be Benedictine:

Peter Dimond, 1/25/02: Who made us Benedictines? The founder of our monastery, Brother Joseph Natale, was made a Bendictine Monk at St. Vincent’s Archabbey in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. In 1966, Brother Joseph received permission from the Archabbot Dennis Strickmatter to start his own community. Hence came Most Holy Family Monastery. With the passing of Brother Joseph, Brother Michael became superior.

Response from Richard:

You are not Benedictines

That is a lie. Brother Joseph was kicked out of St. Vincent’s because he refused to accept the New Mass. He never got the approval from the Archabbot to start an order or a monastery. Produce the official papers from this Archabbot that approved Br. Joseph as a Benedictine and the charter that declares Most Holy Family Monastery is a Benedictine Monastery. Whom did Br. Joseph take his final vows before? It is a known fact by everyone who knew Br. Joseph that he did not have the approval of his one time superior at St. Vincent’s. Did you forget, Peter, I was at the “Monastery” before you and know Michael has no proof. We were never able to give any proof whatsoever that we were “Benedictines,” because there is none.

A primary fact is that you and Michael are not Catholic and therefore you cannot be Benedictines. You and Michael say you are Benedictines based upon your own word, upon your own authority. That is not, and never can be the way men become Benedictines. This is a usurpation of the whole hierarchic structure and rules of the Catholic Church. It is an act of schism. A Catholic can start a new religious order and later get approval from the pope, but he may never attach himself to an existing religious order without proper approval from a legitimate superior of that order. Michael Dimond and his Most Holy Family Monastery do not have approval from a Catholic Benedictine Abbot to be part of the Benedictine Order.

Michael twice attempted to give himself legitimacy as a Benedictine. Once he took vows before a secular priest (a priest not ascribed to a religious order). When he could not justify himself as Benedictine based upon this he stopped calling himself a Benedictine for a period of time. This happened when I was at the Monastery. If anyone has some of Michael Dimond’s earlier tapes and works you will see that he stopped referring to himself as a Benedictine for a period of time. He dropped the O.S.B. at the end of his name. I stupidly keep using it, as it appears on my book, “Outside the Church there is No Salvation.” After I left the “Monastery,” Michael went to a one time Benedictine priest, who holds the sedevacante position, to take vows before him. This priest is not Catholic either, but, even if he was a Catholic Benedictine priest, that does not make Michael a Benedictine, let alone does it give his “Monastery” a charter to be part of the Benedictine Order. To obtain legitimacy he needed to get the approval of a Catholic Benedictine Abbot who has jurisdiction and authority. Peter, your brother has lied to you. Peter, who have you taken vows before? If you have not, then whom do you plan to take vows before? Is he a Catholic Benedictine Abbot? Give me his name?

You never did answer the question “Give me the names of the Catholic bishops and priests you know of?” Nor did you tell how you know someone is a Catholic so that you can treat him as one. Do you presume, in these latter days of the Great Apostasy, that every one who says he is a Catholic is Catholic?

In short we can conlude that Joseph Natale did establish a St Benedictine Order, of sorts, but NOT one legitimatized / recognized by The Benedictine Confederation of Congregations, in Rome. Joseph most certainly did have the right to do so, just like you and I and anyone else can do if we swear to uphold and follow The Rules of St Benedict. But, on the MFHM website managed by the Dimond brothers it does NOT clarify this. Instead the website eludes falsely that Joseph Natale’s Monastery was sanctioned by the St Vincent Archabbey in Latrobe, PA. This is unequivocally pure and simple a calculated and fully intended attempt at defrauding the reader. It is nothing more than an "Enchanting Lustful Lie"

What is it that Joseph Natale Really Wanted?

Joseph Natale - Founder of the MHFM (1992)
Download Video Transcript  PDF

I was able to obtain a video of Joseph Natale explaining what his actual intentions were in creating the MHFM. This is well worth taking the time to listen to. Have you ever wondered why Freb and Bob didn't place any real information on their website about the founding father of the MHFM? Listen to what Joseph Natale had to say at the time his Monastery, with a Church, was active in Berlin, New Jersey before his death in 1995. Once Joseph Natale died, "Fred" sold the Monastery and Church, took the money and moved out into the "sticks", to a farm house, in Fillmore, New York, USA.

The truth is that Joseph Natale's dream never became what he intended / envisioned it to become and the Dimond brothers are responsible for that sacrilage. They profited from Joseph's death and staged a religious "coup d'état" (a schism away from Josephs dictates / beliefs) in order to enrich themselves. Shame on them. Joseph Natale sought to provide "Pastoral Care" for Traditional Catholics giving them a place to worship, to attend mass, to confess, to take communion, to marry, to be baptized, to be saved ... but he was NOT a sedevacantist.

In the video (starting at 7min 10sec) Joseph states concerning the responsibilty to the Taditional catholic "flock" that:

"You must bring the mass to them. Give them the Mass, give them the Sacraments and the teachings that go with it. This is a responsibility ... we must uphold that responsibility. We cannot shun it and say no you have to do 'this' and lose those souls. You cannot lose them. There is room in the Church ... there should be room in the Church, as far as the Catholic faith is concerned, even after the 'changes' came about ... we cannot say, or the Bishops cannot say 'Oh, forget about those people'."

And Joseph Natale (may he rest in peace) tried to do just that. His Monastery and Church in Berlin, New York was established to fulfill that purpose.

Michael Dimond Simply Abandoned Joseph's Dream

Immidately after Josep Nalae's death Frederick "Michael" Dimond quickly revised / abandoned Joseph's plan for the MHFM cutting out the part about "pastoral care"; ensuring the "flock" had a place to go to mass and to obtain the sacrements and kept only the part about "teaching". A "cyber following / congregation" is indeed more cost effective than maintaining and caring for the "walls of a Church" and having to "physically" deal with the "flock" on Sunday (i.e. real "pastoral care"). And, above all else, a cyber ministry would be far more profitable for the Dimond Brothers.

I have drawn the conclusion from my research that Joseph Natale wanted to be a "Good Shepherd" (a servant of Christ) and was well on his way of fulfilling that desire before his death. He was not a "Prophet" or a "new Messiah" nor did he claim to be such. But, he did unwittingly bring into his ministry a "Judas". Frederick Dimond betrayed his "master" and cunningly usurped his authority in the days after Joseph's death and took full charge of the MHFM as it's new Superior. Sure he was voted in as Superior but rumour has it that he and his brother cast 2 of the 4 votes, but that's pure speculation.

What is the Verdict?

Theological Carpetbaggers!

I am not implying that text, books, DVDs and videos that the MHFM crank out are void of truth. On the contrary, they do contain solid food for thought. The Dimonds do have reason on a multitude of issues and they have helped, through their website, many people to see the heretical acts that were perpetuated at the Vatican II Council (1962-1965). They should be applauded and congratulated for that, at least for the information and positions they got right.

Problem is ... they did not honor the wishes that Joseph Natale had established for the MHFM. They instead turned his Ministry into a lucrative "business of religion" feeding their followers traditional Church doctrine but lacing it with "conspiricy theories" and preying on the fear of "eternal damnation and going to Hell" to amass followers and bring in donations. The Dimonds are not who they say they are and the MHFM is not what Joseph Natale intended it to be. There is no "Pastoral Care", no Church, no Bishops, no ordained Priests, no Sacrements, no Confessional, no Mass and no Refuge for the "faithful". The cyber Most Holy Family Monastery simply tells their followers that they need not concern themselves with the fact that there is no physical place to go and worship. Instead their followers are encouraged to simply stay home and wait for "Christ's Second Coming" as the end of time is near.

What is Suggested?

Read the MHFM website material, if you are so inclined. Study it, if it pleases you. But do so knowing that this information can be found elsewhere and is not unique to the MHFM website. Noone has a copyright on the scriptures. Church dogma and related doctrine is not the property of the MHFM and can easilty be obtained.

Beware of any and all "cyper ministries". I would like to reiterate once again the following scripture:

"Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves. By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree brings forth good fruit; but the corrupt tree brings forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that brings not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you shall know them." - (Mat 7:15-20).

"For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds." - (2 Cor 11:13-15)

"For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions." - (2 Tim 4:3)

I would like to propose that you increase your knowledge base, pray for understanding and go back to Church where you can, figuaratively speaking, "fight" for the changes required to make once again the Catholic Church the Church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I would also suggest that you say to yourself regularly:

“I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.” - Philippians 4:13

Pax Tecum.

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