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Religious Hero Syndrome

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"For, professing themselves to be wise, they became fools." (Romans 1:22)


Errors can be corrected and trends reversed if only our faith and determination does not fail us in our earnest quest for the truth.

Religious Hero Syndrome: The Dimond Brothers

Hero”, is a word we all associate with accolades of praise upon an individual who has done a selfless or exemplary act. A word defined by dictionary standards as: A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life. - (The American Heritage College Dictionary, Third Edition)

Syndrome”, is a word we usually associate with a negative connotation, almost as if it were a contagious disease. A word defined by dictionary standards as:

  • A group of symptoms that collectively indicate or characterize a disease or another abnormal condition.

  • A complex of symptoms indicating the existence of an undesirable condition or quality.

  • A distinctive or characteristic pattern of behavior.

Paired together, "hero syndrome" has been described as a phenomenon affecting people who seek "heroism" or "recognition", usually by creating a desperate situation which they can resolve and subsequently receive the accolades from.

The term “vanity crime” has been coined to describe those who profess to serve the public’s best interest by committing “acts of suspect heroism” in response to self-created problems.

Over the years we have undoubtedly all witnessed or heard of, via the news media, how this phenomenon has crept in and, at times, negatively affected the ranks of “civil servants”, such as firefighters, nurses, police officers, and security guards, etc. And, tragically, as history manifests, Christianity has not been spared, remained exempt, or immune, from the consequences of having its own overabundant share of individuals suffering from the effects of this and/or other related personality disorders.

As proof of the unopposed prolific nature of this “unabated” religious phenomenon ... currently it is estimated that there are 43,000+ purported Christian denominations existing in the world today.

For there shall arise false Christs and false prophets, and shall show great signs and wonders, insomuch as to deceive (if possible) even the elect. Behold I have told it to you, beforehand.” - St Matthew 24:24-25

We, who profess to be numbered within the ranks of the "Christian Faithful”, must remember and bear in mind always what St. Pacian of Barcelona (AD 392) wrote:

"Christian is my name and Catholic is my surname. The one designates me; the other makes me specific. Thus I am attested and set apart... when we are called Catholics it is by this appellation that our people are kept apart from any heretical name.” - (William Jurgens, Faith of the Early Fathers, volume 2, p. 142)

It should be, and for the vast majority of Catholics it is, considered an honor to live and be recognized as a “Faithful” Christian; as an obedient, loyal, and baptized member of the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church.

Christianity isn’t simply about what you believe; it’s about how you live. It doesn’t matter if you believe you’re a Catholic if you don’t do as the Church instructs. Anyone claiming to be a member of the "Christian Faithful" who knowingly employs / exploits a fallacious argument in defense of a divine Catholic Truth is unworthy of associating their name with that of Christ's. Truth does not need the support of misapplied scripture, doctrine, dogma and/or invalid reasoning. Truth can and does stand on its own merit.

Yet unfortunately, there are those who are not content with being mere sheep (humble members) within Christ’s flock, His Church. The Dimond Brothers of the Most Holy Family Monastery, in Fillmore, New York, are but two such delusional, disgruntled and/or confused purported Catholics; “successfully” promoting heresy and schism on the internet; leading tens of thousands astray.

"Let those who have eyes to see, see and ears to hear, hear..."

The Dimond Brothers are possessed with a severe self-serving bias (the need to maintain and enhance self-esteem) and as a result seek, devise, and exploit contentious situations (like Vatican II, Sedevacantism, etc.) in an attempt to vaingloriously exalt themselves above the "authenticated and commissioned" Shepherds of Christ’s flock ... the Magisterium.

The Dimond Brothers have deluded themselves and deceived their loyal cyber-congregation into believing that by their donning black mail-order monk habits and proclaiming themselves as the last remaining legitimate protectors of the Catholic faith that it has somehow, miraculously, come to pass. The spurious actions of these "brothers" undoubtedly and manifestly believe that they have become, for lack of a better term, religious heroes and/or prospective saints. But, alas, such a belief is an Enchanting Lustful Lie.

"And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted." - St Matthew 23:12

The Dimond Brothers are perpetuating Pious Fraud (a vanity crime) which is fraud that is motivated by misguided religious zeal. It is a term applied to describe fraudulent practices used to advance a religious cause or belief. This type of fraud, by religious apologists, may be explained as a case of believing that "the ends justify the means", in that if people are saved from eternal damnation then it's perfectly fine to "twist the truth". This line of argumentation is prone to outcome bias; which is the tendency to judge a decision by its eventual outcome instead of judging it based on the validity / quality of the decision.

As Catholics, our heroes exist and are recognized as those donning the vestments worn by the priest who have been set apart, ordained and commissioned, by those holding the apostolic authority of the Church, to Shepherd and protect Christ’s flock.

Don’t be deceived … Frederick (Michael) and Robert (Peter) Dimond are not Heroes but rather two “brothers” afflicted with a severe case of religious “Hero Syndrome”.

Guard yourselves against and beware of wolves in monks' habits.


- Pax Tecum


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